Lo-Chlor® FastStart-Tech®

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Lo-Chlor® FastStart-Tech®

Protect your beautiful new pool finish from plaster dust, stains and mottling. FastStart-Tech advanced sequestrant helps prevent stains from metals and calcium scale and controls plaster dust while yielding no phosphates in the pool water.

Using 1 quart per 15,000 gallons of pool water will help produce a smoother, cleaner finish on white plaster, colored plaster, quartz, exposed aggregate and pebble finishes. Helping to reduce the amount of brushing needed, FastStart-Tech typically produces a user-ready pool faster. Continue to add FastStart-Tech to the pool to prevent metal stains and calcium scale throughout the life of the pool. FastStart-Tech is phosphate free and reduces scale on salt chlorine generator cells, extending the life of salt chlorine generators.

Lo-Chlor® FastStart-Tech® Features:

  • Controls plaster dust
  • Advanced sequestrant helps prevent metal stains
  • Impedes calcium scale and mottling
  • Yields no phosphates
  • Extends the life of salt chlorine generators
  • Great for all pool surfaces
  • Quicker, easier start-ups
  • Add 1 qt. to at least 12″ of water and complete the fill

Directions for Use:

  • FOR POOL START-UPS: Add 32 oz. per 15,000 gallons (28 oz. per 50 m3) pool water. Avoid splashing onto pool surfaces. FOR PREVENTION OF METAL STAINS: Use 8 oz. per 15,000 gallons (7 oz. per 50 m3) pool water weekly. No metal testing required. TO BOOST ENZYME PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: Use 8 oz. per 15,000 gallons (7 oz. per 50 m3) pool water weekly. (We recommend Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos E+ enzyme treatment.)Broadcast Lo-Chlor FastStart-Tech directly into pool or spa water. Safe for all pool surfaces

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